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General Rate Cases

General Rate Case (GRC) proceedings currently take place every three years before the Commission. The GRC will set the base revenue requirements for electric/gas operations.  These base revenues recover the utility's operation and maintenance expenses, depreciation, and taxes and provide a return on invested capital. 

ORA participates in GRCs on behalf of customers of California's investor owned utilities. 



General Rate Case Plan Reform 

In November 2013, the CPUC opened a new Rulemaking to consider changes to both the General Rate Case (GRC) Plan and to consider how to incorporate risk-based decision-making into General Rate Cases for electricity and gas utilities. 


Safety Model Assessment Proceeding (S-MAP)

The purpose of the S-MAP is to develop policies and guidelines for utility models that will be used to prioritize programs/projects intended to mitigate risks in utility operations. The S-MAP serves as the foundation to the CPUC’s Risk Assessment Mitigation Phase (RAMP), which will precede utilities’ General Rate Case (GRC) filings.  


General Rate Cases by Utility 

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