PG&E Pipeline Safety

ORA's Motion for CPUC Rule 1 Violation




On December 16, 2015, ORA filed a Motion with the CPUC requesting that PG&E show cause as to why it should not be sanctioned for intentional misrepresentations of its compliance with gas safety regulations. ORA asserts that PG&E should also be sanctioned for failure to have a comprehensive gas pipeline "test and replace" plan in place, as required by state law. 


See ORA's December 16, 2015 Motion. 




On December 30, 2015, PG&E issued a Response to ORA's Motion.  

PG&E's December 30, 2015 Compliance Letter to the CPUC:  Response to Safety and Enforcement Division Directive to Correct PG&E’s Annual Reports

See ORA's January 11, 2016 Reply to PG&E's Response to ORA's Motion.  




See the Proceeding docket.  





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