Suburban Water Systems
2012 General Rate Case


In February 2011 Suburban Water Systems filed its general rate case Application with the CPUC seeking rate increases of:

    • $19.2 million or 35.85% in 2012
    • $3.03 million or 4.28% in 2013
    • $1.9 million or 2.61% in 2014

Evidentiary hearings were held at the CPUC in July 2011.

In April 2012 the CPUC issued a final Decision for Suburban’s 2012 general rate case, which adopted an overall increase of or $12,975,000 (or a 24.3% increase).


DRA’s Policy Position

DRA generally supported the CPUC’s final decision to decrease Suburban’s request by more than $6 million because Suburban failed to meet its burden of proof to provide clear and convincing evidence to justify its rate increase request.

See DRA’s August 15, 2011 Opening Brief .  

See DRA’s August 26, 2011 Reply Brief.

See DRA’s March 7, 2011Protest.


Current Proceeding

See the Proceeding docket.